The Different Types of Treatment Philosophies:


Addiction has become an epidemic in our society today.  As a result there are literally thousands of drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs that exist nationwide.  Some programs take a more traditional approach, some are considered more alternative, and others address specific issues that the addicts may have while others handle the full range of problems that are created from addiction, mental and physical. You will find that many programs do not stick to one specific type of treatment philosophy but incorporate a combination.  The following are treatment modules commonly used to handle addiction today.

Paying for substance abuse treatment in the U.S.


Substance abuse treatment costs vary widely depending on your individual treatment needs, your insurance, and the facility. Here are some tips to help you pay for treatment:

Check your insurance. If you have health insurance treatment facilities can find out the type of coverage you have for substance abuse and find out what your out-of-pocket costs will be, including deductible and co-payment amounts.