Helping_the_homelessMany times a family finds themselves feeling helpless; they don’t believe that they can talk any sense into the addict or alcoholic.  In truth the addiction is not only affecting the addict but is controlling and affecting the entire family.  There is hope and there is help.

Interventions work. They work because of a well thought out plan with a professional interventionist running control. There is not any personal “emotions” from the interventionist that interfere in the process. Successful interventionist understands and knows the addict and alcoholic. Family and friends know your loved one.  Together the interventionist and family come together with a very well thought out plan to confront and handle the “what ifs” or the “I cant’s” of the alcoholic or addict.  Together they work towards the ultimate goal Treatment and Recovery ultimately saving a life.  Long term treatment in most cases is the answer to really getting it right. When the enabling and manipulation has taken over everyone’s life a professional intervention puts a stop to the madness. Persistence is key to a successful intervention and NO is never accepted. It’s a battle of wills but with a the right interventionist we can prevail. They will want you to back off however you won’t because you have a professional interventionist supporting you.  These are never easy however in some situations it is the only option. Some people believe that the alcoholic or addict has to be willing and have hit rock bottom, I am not one of these people.  I have worked with and seen many people go through treatment over the years.  Some of my best success stories are of those that started with an intervention.